Between Two Snoozes

This morning I hit snooze on my alarm clock app on my phone. I imagined my phone laughing at me. It told me, somehow, that it had defaulted to “Family Lock Mode” and because of that it would not be going off again for 45 minutes!

The phone mocked me, saying how funny it was that I would be late for work. I felt okay though, because I had reverse-engineered Family Mode to snooze at regular intervals, so I would actually be waking up at my normal time. The phone was shocked and defeated. I felt very accomplished.

Extra detail: the screen of my cell phone said “Family Mode” in wooden sticks, a firewood kind of font. It reminded me of summer camp.

Extra extra detail: When I am between snoozes, every day, I pronounce it “sneeze” instead of “snooze”. I don’t know why I do this and I don’t realize how crazy it is until I wake up. I do it ALL THE TIME.

“Just one more sneeze!”



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