Fork in My Cheek.

This one was for yesterday Oct. 6th.

Robert and I had this book. We took turns in illustrating this huge hand bound apocalyptic thing. We would meet up behind a very shady gas station to exchange it because it was a huge secret and no one could see it. The world was becoming a somber place. The skies always had this purple/grey-ish hue, there where no visible clouds or sun. I was always wearing cut off shorts and a wife beater. Its a bit disconcerting to imagine me wearing such drab garbs, but thats how I knew it was the end. We would illustrate horrible scenarios and they where categorized by the weapon that would attack. For example “DRY GOODS OF DEATH” “PLANTS OF HORROR” “DEMONS IN LIQUID”. You can imagine an old lady eating her food when suddenly her fork turns on her and stabs her through her cheek and she bleeds, TO DEATH.  I will leave the rest for you to imagine. Only Robert and I hold the truth of the end. Oh yea, so my dream ends with me walking out of a record store after just having a premonition of all those records slicing all the hipsters heads off.  Then the sky suddenly got sunny. THE END.



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