The rain before TORO Y MOI

Ok, this dream was one I had during a nap I took today from 10:00am-11:44am. I was in some weird place that was full of sawdust and wet sawdust which is a nightmare to deal with. I had to wade through a pool of it. I could hear chainsaws going off and spewing the dust into my mouth and my nostrils. Jacob came in my car and took me away from this horrible place. It was raining and he drove me to a Banana Republic. It was huge and there was an audience watching a movie and an aztec themed bar, complete with stone walls and every tequila imaginable. I saw my old manager Michael and asked me if I was “proud” of the new store. I thought “wtf” I had nothing to do with this.  He smiled at me and his cheeks started to glow like fire balls and a girl next to me swooned while I made a face of disgust. I went back to this theater in the store and Carolina was there but had to run off because her sister was visiting her at her new house and she was at the wrong one, and it was all over the radio. After that Jacob left, and I was there with Marissa, Ryan and Tina and we all went to see Toro Y Moi. It was still raining really bad. This was a very boring dream, but on Sunday I really am going to go see this band/man play. I also hope it rains.



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