I was staying at a residential hospital and all of my mom’s friends were there. We were in the gymnasium and everyone was running up these giant stairs, going through a small wooden obstacle course, and sliding down the other side on a ramp while sitting on a board with wheels on it. Then they repeated the process. The secretary at my old job was the coach.

I didn’t want to do this because it was exhausting and dumb, so I was going really slow. The coach was impatient with me and gave me a metal sheriff badge to put over my eyes as punishment. When I got to the top of the stairs and out of her sight, I took it off because it was itching me. Then I looked inside and saw a big spider in it. It had been on my face! Yikes!

So I knocked the spider onto the ground and watched it. I was going to let it live, but then I noticed that it was dark red and shaped really weird and so I assumed it must be venomous. I stomped on it with my shoe, and it was so big that the juices and guts splashed up onto my face. I ran downstairs and told the coach and a generic highschool trouble maker kid about the spider. They weren’t as excited as I was about it.



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