I was on a trip with my sister Alisha and her boyfriend Sam and we visited a Dunkin Donuts. I love Dunkin Donuts so I registered for a tour of the factory. It was Wonka-esque. Alisha and Sam left and weren’t going to participate, until they saw me go in and that we could use secret passages to get around the building. Then they were very excited to go in. The tour guide was annoyed that they couldn’t make up their minds.

Upstairs was a giant store room for movies and comic memorabilia. There was action figures, posters, statues, cutouts, DVDs, etc. There was even booths to buy apple cider or ice cream. We toured the upstairs zone and saw all the geeky stuff. We were amazed that this was in the Dunkin Donuts factory. The tour guide ended the tour and said it was time to go to bed.

At night, we each had a bed in the store room. I decided I would steal some action figures and other things for my friend’s birthday coming up. Unfortunately Dunkin Donuts was smarter than me and stored away all the items at night. I was only able to steal an Admiral Ackbar poster. He was saying “It’s a Trap!”

The end.



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