And I Ran…

I went to bed at 2 AM last night, with my body all achey and my ears still buzzing from the show I went to last night. The prospect of waking up today at 7:00 AM was grim. Therefore, as soon as my eyes shut everything in my head became turbulent and tranquil sleep never came!! My dream started with a feeling of desperation, I was trapped among skyscrapers. Normally they are a sign of happiness for me, because I really like big cities but this time it meant the opposite. I reached into my pocket and had only one dime. The dime was so shiny, it was just as bright as the sun glistening on the big silver sky scrapers. But it was then I also realized I was broke as hell. I did not have a purse, and no cell phone. While walking down the street this pick-up truck that was full of nasty short, hairy and sweaty men started howling at me, and not in a sexual predator way, but in a I am going to kill you way. I started running in between alleys but as soon as I got back on a street the men where driving fast in the truck. I was so scared, so I ran and ran. For a moment I felt really free, because I was not getting tired of running. But then I came back to reality and was terrified. I walked into a store and asked for help but every single person ignored me. Afterwards these men disappeared. I took refuge in an indoor shopping mall, and I loitered for a long time. I still felt extremely vulnerable.  I woke up with a phone call at 5am, I was so sad because 5am meant I only had an hour and half of sleep left.



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