Dead Black Woman

Yes the title sounds alarming! Because it is true… Part  of my dream was that a few friends and I were sitting on a porch of this apartment building when suddenly we saw this body fall out from the sky and land on the pavement. The scene was gruesome, blood everywhere and twisted limbs. We all got closer to investigate, I started crying hysterically because I felt helpless she was dead. While my friend was trying to console me, we all turned around when we saw the body move. The lady got up, and said, “We’ll that did not work again” and someone from the crowd that had formed to see the bloody spectacle screamed, HALLELUJAH!. My dream then jumped to another dreary scene. I lived in this posh neighborhood with my parents. The houses were extremely modern and had big floor to ceiling windows and you could see everything your neighbors were doing. It was also storming and the light poles were starting to sway in the wind. Suddenly the light bulbs popped, and the poles came crashing down into peoples giant windows and my mothers SUV. I was glad because I hate that piece of shit car she has, its a giant gas guzzling monster. Then I remember running through the neighborhood trying to get away from the cops. Then I dream about visiting a cave with Joel, and he turns on this switch. The cave illuminates and we realize it is fake and its some sort of animal enclosure, but there is no animal. Then I saw a bunch of cockatiels walking on the ground that were coming out of a gaping rock. FIN



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