Uh oh

I had a dream that a couple of friends and I went ghost hunting in a cemetery late at night. It was really fun and we were having a good time but then I felt someone stab me with a needle! I had just enough time to tell my friends that it was a paralyzing solution that allowed me to still see and hear but not move. I couldn’t move my arms very well and they felt kinda numb, and my legs too.

Suddenly I was driving a huge truck on a road near the cemetery and it was day time. I was still have paralyzed and I was slumped over trying to drive away. Then, a small baby started walking out in front of my car! There were a lot of people lining the road and they stared, wide-eyed. My stupid paralyzed foot couldn’t hit the brakes fast enough but I slowed down a LOT before I hit the baby. I felt the bump and it was pretty scary. All the people looked shocked and started to fuss. Someone rushed over to grab the baby but I still couldn’t control the car and I ran this lady over.

Then I decided it wasn’t my fault because someone sticked me with that needle. I felt a little guilty, though, I guess. This is when I woke up.


Then I fell back asleep, as it was 4am when I woke up. I resumed my dream, apparently omitting the truck part and the paralyzation part. I asked my friend if he wanted to go hunt ghosts since we never got a chance to last time and he was busy with school work. He finished his work while I gathered the equipment. I don’t remember if I got the chance to go but I remember being very sad because it was a Sunday and I had to go back to work in the morning.

This is my least favorite feeling in the world. In a weird way these dreams were sort of nightmares, but NOT because of the ghosts. That was the fleeting happiness in the dreams!



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