Summer Camp with the Dino’s.

I guess last night my mind was trying to fulfill my life long desire to attend some sort of summer camp. I attended one where we would pick two places to go to around the world, then return to base camp and share our experiences. Base camp was on a lake, we lived on docks that would go well off into the lake. We were in charge of maintaining it. We had to drain the lake in order to clean the bottom. While it was being drained all these Dinosaurs began to emerge. They were aquatic but looked more like terrestrial dinosaurs, like the classic T-REX. After this amazing discovery, my dream jumped to another part of the camp. The camp had a convenience store. While I was buying things, I heard dragging foot steps and as I looked over it was a zombie like man with a sour look on his face. I was really freaked out. This is all I can remember for now, but I will update it later.



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