X-Men Why?

In this dream, I visited my Alma Mater with some friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I remember we were walking, and talking about a movie that starred Robert Smith of the Cure. I was pretending that I’d seen it before even though I had only seen the very end of the movie. We were also discussing Morrissey.

I noticed the campus of my school had changed since I last went there. Namely, there were mattresses set up like walls all along the pathways. It was weird but I didn’t question it too much. Suddenly mutants started attacking! Not in the weird sense of extra eyeballs, but mutants in the canonical universe of the X-Men. Suddenly Professor X was there and he told me that Magneto has cloned his brotherhood into an army of evil mutants. But I remember that not many of them were that evil acting, they just crowded the campus.

Then we learned that it was not actually Magneto but some other mutant whose name I forgot. It was something like “Airlock” or something. He looked a lot like Magneto but his robes were fur robes and he didn’t wear a helmet. He commanded animals. He wasn’t much of a threat and honesty it was all just a big inconvenience. I remember having to convince the gatekeeper that I wasn’t a clone, but he didn’t really care, his motto was “I’m not anti-social, I just hate everybody.”

The End.



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