Desert Adventures

My dream was chopped to bits last night, but I will relay it as best I can.

My mom was on vacation, and I was staying in her house. When she came back, her and my sister were talking and I drove away really far. I guess I was mad at them for some reason. My friend Abby drove out and found me in a shopping complex. We decided to hang out.

Jump ahead, and now I’m in Texas. The desert. My dad is showing me the town he grew up in, and we are in a shopping mall. He points out the window and tells me that the cop cars outside are there to catch kids when they run too fast. Those jerks! An entire wing of the mall is closed off. He said it used to be open, it must be that there are too few people in the town to employ people to open it again.

Jump ahead, I’m still in Texas, my friend Abby is getting married. It isn’t a marriage of love, she just says, “Hey, I need to get married so I can move away” and so she is. Her fiance is kind of a loser, but all is good. I’m outside in a cactus field near an old fence watching a spider. It is the size of my fist and has matted white hair all over it, with black joints. It’s face has bright blue eyes. It is spinning webbing around little bugs and liquidizing them. Abby joins me and says these are important to the wedding. Her mom is looking for us so we use the back path to hide. We enter back into the ceremony.

I woke up in the middle of the night again, as I have every day this week, and when I fell back asleep I dreamt that I updated this blog and posted this dream! Meta!



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