This dream started with me putting in the DVD for 1959’s “House on Haunted Hill”. I’ve never seen this so I don’t know if this dream is influenced by the movie, but the dream went into this:

Me and 19 other people are inside a huge room. The room is almost like a maze, but there are no dead-ends and it isn’t too hard to navigate. There’s no way out, though. In some areas there are big glass cube chambers with doors on each side. They were big enough for a few people but there were signs that said “one participant only”. They were lit very bright.

Everyone in the room has a watch with a timer that counts down. It starts out at two minutes, but they haven’t started counting down yet. A movie screen on the wall shows us a video of a man running through the “maze”, and he is trying to get into the glass cube chambers. Each of the chamber’s doors is locked in the video, and the lights are out. He looks frantic as he tries to get in one, then runs off to find another. There is a timer on the screen below him. When it reaches zero, a beeping sound happens and the man bursts into hysterics. He clings to a wall, terrified. Then, loud engines are heard and a vehicle that resembles a very long, makeshift go-kart appears from the top of the entire room. The vehicle sweeps the maze’s grounds and passes over anybody inside of the glass chambers. It finds the man that didn’t make it into one and impales him on a drill that is mounted the front of the vehicle.

The vehicle drags him away as he screams, still alive, and the vehicle disappears into another door and is gone. The video ends and we hears a beeping. We look down and our watches have started ticking down from 2:00. We panic.

Everyone starts running in all directions, and I find one of the glass chambers when my time says seventeen seconds left. I jump inside and see someone running towards my chamber. Before he gets there our watches beep and the chamber closes, and the person is trapped outside the chamber. Engines roared and I watched as one of the vehicles from the video uses lines of string and fishing hooks to grab the man outside the chamber and drag him away as he screams. After a couple seconds, he is gone and the chamber doors open again. When I step outside it, it fills with tubes from the floor up and it is not impossible to step inside the chamber again.

Our watches didn’t count down again immediately, but there were only ten of us left, which means there was only ten chambers and twenty people. Somehow we know that we have to meet back in the center of the room before anything else can happen. We reach the center of the room and from there we can see that a stage is rising toward the front of the room. An older, sinister looking man is standing at a makeshift pulpit on the stage. He has clammy looking skin and is slightly overweight. He has gray hair and dark eyes. He is flooded in red and pink lights and he begins preaching the word of God.

As the man maniacally preaches to a congregation below him, our watches go off again. This time we have 5:00. We each run around, panicking, and looking for glass chambers. I notice this time that the one I used before is still closed off by the tubes. I realize now that there are only nine usable chambers, but ten people.

Skip ahead a little bit, there are only three people left. We have grown to kind of like each other, and I think the other two people have developed a Stockholm-Syndrome for the insane preacher at the pulpit. He is spattering on about God with a cruel conviction and his hands are curved into hooks as he beckons the congregation to sing with him and to speak in tongues.

Our watches beep. One hour is allowed to get into the two chambers. The three of us exchange looks and me and another man run into the chambers. The other guy gets in the chamber with me and tries to pull me out, push me out, and begins to fight me. Eventually he forces me out of the chamber (I have bad survival instincts and he was like an animal, blind and angry). He was yelling at me and looked insane. I looked around for what else I could do and saw a small room.

I went inside the room and there was a handwritten sign. I’ll try to remember what it said here:






[the sign was really long and I skipped to the bottom]



I realized that the sign was what happens to the people after the trucks collected you. It was basically a list of extreme torture techniques with a crazy Evangelical ending. Somehow I realized that the man on the pulpit was responsible, and that his goal was to study the human reaction to panic and mania, and then move people as close to death as possible through torture, and have them converted and seeing God the way he does. At this part of the dream I knew that the man was not human, but some strange extra-dimensional being.

I remember wondering if his congregation was the leftovers of people he had kidnapped and tortured. Then I remembered that there were guns in the center of the room and I went back to see if any of them were loaded and decided I would kill myself. The other two people weren’t even upset when I told them this, and I knew that I didn’t want to participate in this game any more. Then I woke up!

This dream was so much like a movie that I wonder if it is the plot to any movie. I know the movie Martyrs has similar elements, but the sadistic “game” aspect was so vivid and I wonder if it was already made somehow?

Let me know in the comments if you know.



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