Sandy Toll Booth

My dream was all over the place, it was non-coherent, stupid and disappointing like every other dream I’ve had this week. I do remember being in an airport and forgetting to take my laptop out of my backpack while going through the carry-on scanners. The man told me to take it out, and I got really scared for some reason. After that, I was driving with this giant package filled with things I did not want anymore. I was going through a toll way but I had neither cash or an EZ-tag. I proceeded by getting my giant package and depositing in the “insert package” slot at the toll booth. It accepted my offer and let me continue on my journey to nowhere. Later in my dream I was in a place where I would walk 10 steps and all of a sudden my feet felt extremely heavy and I would remove my boots and huge piles of red sand would pour out of them. It was kind of fun, because when I was a kid shaking sand out of my shoes and picking more dirt and sand from in between my toes was fun. Yea I was a gross kid. Alright that was my dream!



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