Crazy Events

My dream started with me finding a ring, and I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I found it, and some farmer kid responded saying it was his to propose to his girlfriend so we met up in town and I gave it to him.

Next, I went with some of my friends to a combination Urban Outfitters/Hot Topic/Apple store which are all the same thing and I looked at penguin shot glasses and considered buying them but they were $30 for a set of four so I didn’t. Then, a friend and I went outside and we stepped out into a cornfield/maze.

We got separated in the corn field and I saw a person who looked exactly like me. He was wearing the same clothes and everything, so I chased him as he turned a corner. Eventually I caught up with him and he held a handgun, and he aimed it at my friend and shot a bunch of times, killing him. Then he turned a corner and disappeared. I ran and found my friend, really scared, and asked if he was okay. He said he heard gunshots but that he was ok.

It was weird because this guy was black and I don’t have any black friends (not by choice, black people are a-ok), and it turned out they were both doppelgangers, and mine had committed a hate crime. We found this girl wandering near the cornfield by the water (which was under a bridge and had stone walkways) and we asked if she heard anything suspicious. She said no but wanted my phone number. Then another girl came out of nowhere and started yelling about how she had dibbs on me and that she wanted my number. Then a dude came out of nowhere and said he wanted my number. Everyone was interested! So I ran away.

Then I stumbled upon a guy who was standing on a miniature airplane. It was still pretty big, though. He began telling me a story about how people who get trapped inside planes underwater when they crash, and how the pressurized cabins don’t allow any of the exits to open when the plane is underwater. He told me about how the water slowly filled up over the course of hours and hours while the people on the plane slowly suffer and I got really spooked and decided I wasn’t going to ever ride in a plane again. The dream ended with me telling my mother about what I learned about planes.

The end.



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