End of the World

I had an apocalyptic dream but it was not a nightmare and it wasn’t unpleasant, until the end.

For some mysterious reason, most people on earth were wiped out and disappeared. Plant life began to to grow unchecked and the world was nearly empty except for the trees and vines that were everywhere. My family and I found an abandoned house in a nice neighborhood and decided to make it our home.

There was no electricity, but there was a small river near the back yard. We began to grow a small farm and eventually a family moved into the house next door. They were the only other people we ever saw.

Then, the dream skipped around, I remember walking around at night, I remember swimming in the river, telling a joke and laughing really hard (which is weird, I have never laughed hard in a dream), stealing food from an abandoned cafe, and a guy who carved the word “nigger” into the bottom of his foot! That part was kind of freaky.

Toward the end of my dream, I realized that my neighbors were evil, and kidnapped people and brainwashed them into zombies. The dream ended when I looked out my window and saw about 20 zombielike people walking toward the house, ready to kill us.



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