Busy Business Woman

My dream was strange last night because I wasn’t the main character…

I was in the dream, me and my friends were going trick-or-treating. Before we left I searched all over for a costume but I couldn’t find one. I wanted to be a cactus because I thought it would be funny. Then, my dream switched over to a woman in her late 30’s who had died. Her spirit still worked at her old job, which was in a fashion magazine studio.

Even though she was a ghost she regularly filed papers and did her job, and no one noticed. Her boss was a short lady who was very strict. At one point she went into a rage and threw stuff everywhere and her coworkers got really scared and said the building was haunted. Exhibiting her powers caused an infestation of house centipedes, according to a wandering spirit. He told her that when she did anything other than simply exist, she would cause bugs to infest the area. It just made her more miserable.

Towards the end of my dream, I was back in the dream again. We were running from some evil spirit, and the dead business woman was helping us escape. We were running through the subway tunnels in New York City and going through the very old, unused systems.

There was a part where the bad guys entered a room, and the walls began filling up with water and the door disappeared. They couldn’t escape before the paint broke and the water came spilling in and they drowned.

We celebrated by watching Patton Oswalt put on a stand-up show in the subway tunnels. I was in the front row and everyone was there, too. Including the strict boss lady! We had a blast. The End.


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