Mothers and Mannequins

My dream was a little depressing, like everything in my life lately. I took a nap while at my friend Charlotte’s after I got off work. It was a 3 hour nap. I dreamt about going over to Jacob’s mothers house. She was so nice to me, and she gave me some soup and some sauteed potatoes from her garden and showed me family pictures, and asked me how Jacob and I where doing. She had no idea we where broken up, so I lied and I told her we where fine, I felt really embarrassed. She gave me a hug and told me she was glad to see me doing so well. Afterwards my dream jumped into earlier this morning when I was dressing the window mannequins at work, except we forgot to clean up all of the mess from boxes where the window display props where and I had clothes everywhere. Customers started pouring in and I felt horrible because I wasn’t done with my work. The mannequins came to life and they started tearing their clothes off and telling me they looked ugly. All I wanted to do was to make them look beautiful, but I had failed. Customers started flailing items of clothing and Ipad and Ipod cases we sell in my face, and asking me “WHATS A BETTER DEAL!!” I tried to answer them, but they wouldn’t believe me on what the better deal was. I ran out of the store and cried. THE END.


Daily satisfaction turn out- so far it is 5pm CT and its at about 30%

Motivation 45%

Sleepiness 60%

Happiness 14%

shit, its getting worSE. lmao.

maybe ill stop updating my moodometer its depressing as hell. lol



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