This is the first dream in days, well, the first I remember. I can’t recall many details. Part of it started with my friend Ben Melton and visiting his awesome house. Then he decided to take me out for a ride in his new car, which is weird because Ben would never do that in real life. We drove through some awesome mountains and I was having a great time with the wind blowing through my hair. Then I turned around and saw it was really Jacob. Then I started to cry, because I knew it was amazing and a dream. (This is obviously influenced by current personal problems). Afterwards my dream jumps into me being in some sort of latin american country (probably Guatemala) but the exact location was never explicit. I was in my car with my coworker Brooke. We were driving in a jungle, and it was really muddy. I was losing traction in my tires. I decided to turn around but the saturated earth beneath my car started to succumb to its weight. The tires also turned into this jelly like substance, so we slid down into a lake. My car started filling up with water fast and Brooke started laughing. I told her to grab my phone and break the sunroof open. I grabbed my ipod and held it up high so it wouldn’t get wet. The lake was real shallow so we where able to walk out. My ipod and phone survived untouched. LOL. (I guess I really love my ipod). I really hate my phone though. Well, my dream concluded with my car emerging on the other side of the lake with weeds and fish flopping in it. My coworker suggested we cook the fish and clean out my car and it would be good as new. Ok, we’ll I am off to bed now to get 4 hours of sleep. :(

*edit* Oh yes, every post I will include this MOODOMETER or… Whatever. To monitor my current state of being.

Satisfaction with today’s outcome (or expectation of today’s outcome, depends what time updated)… 40%







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