Halloween Dream!

Once again, this dream is going to sound like a nightmare, but it wasn’t scary at all.

Okay, it started out and me and some friends (they weren’t people I know in real life) were driving down a long spooky path toward a mansion. The car broke down and we went inside to get help. Suddenly a big man wearing a bag over his head with eyeholes cut out attacks us! He kills one of our friends and we are placed inside a dingy old chamber.

We realize that there are several ways out, but if we don’t do it right then we will be brought back into the room to be tortured, and we must try again. The room also had comic books and action figures lining the wall and for some reason I wanted to take them even though I don’t collect either of those things.

The first route we took was in an old truck, which drove down an icy road until it got stuck in snow. We had to go back to the room and try again. Next we tried getting in a boat, but when the boat got to us at the dock, the door opened and the crazy maniac was inside wielding a hammer!

I don’t remember much after that, I remember there was a big fight between all the people trapped in the basement (like 20?) and I was winning.

The End.



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