my bad writing will not do this amazing dream justice

I was at St.Thomas, hanging out with some people at the lounge. On the TV they had news about a disease that was spreading like wildfire and no one knew how to treat it. I figured it was like swine flu, or something, so I wasn’t worried. The problem was that the disease could spread  while the person infected had no symptoms, by the time they were showing symptoms it was too late. We all looked at each other a little worried, but I figured it would be contained and it wouldn’t get to Houston. Days later it was in Houston, and they were advising everyone to stay indoors, the hospitals were getting flooded.
The next day I was at Robert’s house when we saw the news cast, and we decided we had to leave Houston. The neighborhood seemed normal, maybe a bit desolate. My father was reluctant to leave, and my little sister was developing a cough and I was worried she might be infected, because some idiot kid might have infected her. We stayed bunkered for a couple of days but that was a bad idea because we couldn’t get to the supermarkets or anything afterwards. My sister was getting sicker my the minute, and we couldn’t take her to the doctor because they had no room. I told my father I had to leave them, maybe I could find a better place for all of us to stay at, somewhere far. But he and my mother had to stay with my sister. I knew they were all dead people walking, because they had had extensive contact with her. I had no contact with my sister, so I was a little confident I was not infected.
So I got in my car, grabbed some money and left. Getting to my car was a challenge, there were people infected walking the streets, throwing up blood and screaming. I was terrified, out of desperation they would run up to you and ask for help and then throw up blood on you, and by then you were dead meat. I ran into my car without anyone getting close to me. I drove and drove, and the farther I went the more dismal the landscape. There were emergency tents set up everywhere, and people piled up dead in the streets. I finally drove to some rural area, and found this little compound of about 4 houses and they were all abandoned. I Tried to contact my family, but the phone lines went out, and I could not reach them. I decided to stay there, and as the day went by some others arrived. I was weary because you had to be careful of everyone, anyone might be infected. It got dark and around midnight, we saw some cars drive by. Hooded people ran out of them, they started pounding fiercely on the doors and screaming violently like wild dogs. They broke the windows and got in. I hid in the attic terrified. They ransacked the house and then their was silence, I decided to creep out and the house was completely empty, none of the others that were with me were there.
By the time it was daylight, I decided to leave, there were less people walking the streets and more dead people. My car broke down and I had to continue by journey on foot. I had to walk through this graveyard of bloody corpses stacked up in huge piles. This one of a little girl killed me, her body was at a very strange angle and her face was blue and veiny and had dried blood all over her face. This was the end of my dream. I have no idea what happened to my family or my friends.



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