My Little Puppy

I found a small little white pomeranian puppy, he was super playful and adorable. He started pulling on my leg and tried to drag it, and barked as if to follow it. Indeed the puppy wanted to give me directions. I followed him through the city and found this pet shop. It was in pretty bad shape, the dogs in the display window were all weak, and would not even approach the foggy and dirty glass pane window. We walked inside and there was no clerk, but the place didn’t seem abandoned at all. I saw a chinese calendar on the wall, and one of those golden cats that move their paw next to the register, and various asian trinkets, so I am assuming the owners were chinese. As I walked in the store the animals in the front seemed alright.
The puppy led me to another room, “the fish room”. There were these huge fish tanks filled with dead and live fish swimming in murky water. I then spotted a cockatiel floating in the mess. I started to cry. I kept walking and then arrived to “the bird room”. It was a dismal scene, abandoned dirty cages with dead parakeets, and the few birds that were left alive where covered in filth and green moss and could barely move. I ran out of the place and held the puppy in my arms, I thanked him and I told him I would save all the animals in that horrible pet shop.



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