Jacob the murderer

This one is quick. I was in a border town with Jacob. We made a pit stop at some random market, and we wandered off into this alley. I saw a really nice piece of sheet metal and I took it for my artwork. It seemed abandoned and imagined no harm in taking it. As we were walking away from the site, two men with tattoos all over their bodies started talking to us in spanish, and started teasing Jacob for being white. I turned around and apologized for taking the sheet metal and then I laid it to rest on the ground. The men started harassing me and I started crying. Jacob then took out a handgun he had concealed under his jacket and opened fire. He shot one man in the head, the other ran away fleeing in fear. I had fallen on the ground for some reason, but I stood up and we walked back into the dusty orange landscape back to our car.



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