The Funeral

I was in Guatemala for my little cousins funeral, he was six (he is still alive and is currently 6). The viewing was at a small church. I remember crying because, dying so young is such a tragedy. I don’t remember the exact cause of death, but he was very blue maybe suffocation?

He was up in this little niche on the top left of the church altar, in a crib type thing suspended in the air. The plaster walls of the church were painted a mint green. A stained glass window reflected all the candles that were lit up for my little cousin and colorful christmas lights were strung all around the altar. I had my camera and took a picture of his sister and another of my cousins sucking on ring pops, as he was laying in the background. I developed it later on, it was on black and white film, the lighting came out superb and the whole picture was amazing, the dim light of the candles and the eerie dead child were a fantastic combo. I woke up thinking how awesome of an image that was. But, it would be really difficult to stage/ take. and I am also glad my cousin isn’t dead.



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