Strange 3rd Person Dream

This dream was similar to my other one in that I had to decide if it was a sequel or not. I do not think it is a sequel.

In this dream I was a kid, probably 5 or 6 years old. The dream was in third person, as in, I could see myself from outside myself. I was sitting in a circle with a group of friends.

The world was being taken over by vampires. Though not necessarily evil, they were hunting the human race to extinction so me and some other kids were being protected by a group of adult humans and vampires so that the human race could still exist. After all, we were their food source! We were basically in an endangered species resort.

I remember the group I was playing with was a band, they each played an instrument. I didn’t play anything but I liked watching. (I hate watching bands practice!).

An older human asked me to come inside for a moment for an errand. I walked inside and he revealed that he was a vampire! He said he wanted to drink just a taste of my blood, that it would be okay, and not to tell anyone. It was very child-molestery. I said no, but he grabbed me and bit my neck! Yikes!

So blood went everywhere and he panicked and ran away after drinking my blood. I went back outside and suddenly I was a grown up. The group of ¬†friends outside were putting on a concert for the resort, they were playing Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy”, which was hilarious. I danced to it ironically and thought it was hilarious. But then everyone noticed I was a vampire, so I decided to leave.

I packed my bags and got into my car, and I began to drive off. I said “Bye mom, I’m leaving!” and then I woke up. It’s kind of like I drove my car out of my dream.



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