Zombies– Typical!

This dream was your typical “end of the world zombie apocalypse”, and don’t get me wrong, it was not a nightmare.

My dad and my family and I were staying in my grandmother’s house out in the country. There was a zombie on the front porch that we were trying to keep inside the porch to protect our house from other survivors. We hoped they would see the zombie and run.

My grandfather used to own a fireworks company, so in the back of my grandma’s house is two big trailers that used to be filled with fireworks. In this dream they were still there, and I thought I saw a strange cloud of fireflies flying over me, but then I realized that it was a firework.

The zombies in my dream were VERY sound-based, if you made noise they would come. Someone was stealing out fireworks and using them outside! This is very bad because fireworks are loud and even one would attract a ton of ghouls. So my dad had an idea to unlock the zombie from the front porch, have her chase me, and I would lead her to the culprits so that they get attacked.

Well, turned out the zombie was much faster than I expected and it almost got me a few times! I ran between the two trespassers, but I saw that they were only children! The zombie got them, but I don’t remember what happened next. The end.



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