I had a dream that I was hanging out with this girl Sarah who I don’t really know very well in real life. We were with her friends and we watched the movie Resident Evil but we were talking through it and having fun.

Then I was in her room with her and her friend and we were looking through her DVDs. She had a lot of really good movies, almost none of which exist for real. I should mention that in this dream she has male-pattern baldness. Bald on top, long on the sides. Eventually I found a movie called Dillinger/Dillinger 2. It was a movie that matched up exactly with its sequel.

I asked Sarah why the movie is so special and se told me that if you add up all the characters you get a story about a man trying out for a Hollywood production.

The movie was about a woman and her daughter trying to escape the woman’s husband. She was very brutal (this is a horror movie) and ruthless. About ten minutes into the movie I woke up! Lame.



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