I had a dream that I was at some sort of learning seminar with a few friends, and also Kelly Oxford (of Twitter and Tumblr fame, @KellyOxford). We we learning about the effects of dreams, which was weird.

In the middle of the seminar, Kelly Oxford used a lighter and lit her fingertips on fire, it looked exactly like Geena Davis in Beetlejuice (picture!), and it was a pretty neat trick. Even though she was pretty impressed I got worried and quickly blew out the flames because I like Kelly and I didn’t want her to hurt herself.

I recall there was some kind of battle in a prison area underneath the seminar, and I was tasked with going down there to retrieve something from a cell. When I walked down there I felt the powers of Spiderman growing inside me! There was a man writhing in pain on the ground, clenching his face. I knew that he had undergone some horrific accident and that he would soon progress into an evil supervillain based upon his his scarification.

I didn’t help him, however, because I knew that the natural order of things was to allow him to transform into a supervillain. I turned left into a cell and noticed that the stone wall in the back of the cell was blown away!

I stepped through the hole into a garden outside and my friend Kris was there. He, too, had attained super powers except they had corrupted him! He was the Venom to my Spiderman. He immediately picked me up and threw me across the garden and I slammed into a rock.

I remember noting that my powers had protected me. My Spidey-Sense allowed me to shift my weight in such a way as to minimize the damage to my body. I stood up and shot webs at him and we discussed how we were now destined to fight until the other was dead.

La Fin.



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