The Cons of being a Christian.

I haven’t dreamt in a while, but finally today I had this 2012 end of the world dream. In my dream pre-end of the world tribulations only affected “Christians” of all denominations. There was a silent war between good and evil?? Well at first my family and I were on a road trip going towards Chicago to spend new years with family there. My cousin Janeth was clairvoyant apparently and had a premonition of a beast, a black evil looking centaur who would capture believers in Christ and rip their souls out and leave an empty shell of a person. You’d basically be turned into an “atheist” she said. You were no longer harmed or tormented by the centaur or any other evil creature, but you were destined to go to hell as soon as the world burst into a ball of fire on the eve of 2012.

Our trip to Chicago went smoothly, and we all arrived at my uncles house. Festivities began, but new years was still 3 days away.  Later that evening my mother came running into the room I was staying in and said, I think its started! We looked out the window and saw people running about shouting to the top of their lungs and then falling flat on their faces, then getting back up, in a daze. All of a sudden we saw a black centaur galloping down the street (only Christians could see it). We hid and closed the window, we were terrified. You could hear sirens constantly throughout the rest of the night. Finally daybreak rolled along and the centaur attacks wouldn’t happen then. We turned on the TV and it was all over the news, “The religious were becoming insane”. It was embarrassing to be viewed like a lunatic.

We hid inside the closet at night time because we all heard a loud banging at the door, then glass break and we heard grunts. The centaur had come.  I was terrified, we couldn’t make a sound, he stood for a long time in front of the closet door, but then walked away. I wanted to escape this nightmare and just run into the centaurs arms and not be a lunatic anymore, but my mother said, its either an eternity of life or an eternity of death! We decided to leave the house and perhaps escape to a more deserted part of Illinois, perhaps the centaurs only targeted urban areas. We found an abandoned farm house, We all hid in the basement of the farmhouse. I had to go upstairs to use the bathroom, when alll of a sudden I heard the galloping sound. I hid in the bathtub and I heard a scream, It was my mother. I could hear her running down the hall and she opened the bathroom door and ran in she said “IT GOT YOUR FATHER!” So I said, its time for us to go too. The centaur heard us talk so he busted the bathroom door open and took us both and tore our flesh to pieces, and threw us on the ground. I woke up, with no wounds no scars, and no fear. I was free.



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