Snow and Trespassing

Well, I am going to make this post quick because, A. I cant remember any exact details of my dream. B. I have to eat breakfast with marissa, I told her i’d be there at 10:25 little did she know I am liar. Ok, well. I just wasted an extra minute. My dream was about me being in mexico trying to run away from narco’s (influence by Boardwalk), but Jimmy (James) was at a burial I was attending there and he took out his gun and shot up to the sky. People started screaming and a bullet came down on a Porsche that was sitting by the burial site.  The owner of the car said “ME LAS VAS A PAGAR CABRON!” to Jimmy and he just walked off and did not care. My dream later switched up to me being in New Jersey with William and he had a huge house there with a garage full of BMW’s (i dont know why i was dreaming about cars/ LAME). And I started throwing snowballs at them and he got mad. The other part of my dream was that my family and I were homeless and we were living out of a beautiful model home! We would sneak in at night and do our laundry and sleep on the staged beds, but we would have to leave by 6am before any workers would come by. Like an Idiot I left a bag of my clothes washing!!! A man came in and took it and saw me in there, I said “I just want to buy the house!” he responded “WELL I WILL SELL IT TO YOU FOR 650,000 DOLLARS, THIS HOUSE HAS 25 SERVERS, THIS HOUSE IS AN INTERNET POWERHOUSE, THIS HOUSE ALSO HAS SURROUND SOUND IN EVERYROOM!!!” He was an idiot. That is all, that is my dream. The end.



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