Friends Are Always Lame

I feel like in my dream my friends are always letting me down.

In this dream I was living at my childhood home. I was with a few friends and I called a friend of mine and asked him if he could slay a monster in a nearby cave. I told him it was very important and would be a huge favor for me. He agreed, to my surprise, but after when he said he was done I asked him if he wanted to come over for a barbecue in celebration. He said maybe, then was standoffish, then didn’t show up.

I was sitting on my front porch and some strangers came over and sat with me. One was kind of an idiot and I was trying hard to not get mad at him.

Then, two of my acquaintances pulled up in a car and brought out their sausage and meats, saying “We heard you were having a barbecue!” and I told them it was a private party only! So they left. I was rude.



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