Last night I dreamt that I was invited to my friend’s birthday celebration at a bar. He told me that he might not show up, but I should show up. It was weird. I got there and a couple friends I haven’t seen in a while were there, and they were happy to see me.

I saw my friend Kris, and he was mad because his friend Carl broke up with his girlfriend. Normally that would be fine, but in this dream it was a bad thing I guess.

My friend ended up showing up, but he was with Al Capone, so I obviously was hanging out with Al Capone instead. Mr. Capone said he liked white russians, the drink. I noted that and suddenly he said we had to go to the basement to save someone.

We walked down there, and we were ambushed by bandits. One by one all of my friends were killed,, except Kris. Even Al Capone was killed. We eventually succeeded and went back upstairs to the bar. It was just me and Kris left, so I began bar tending.

I made a white russian in remembrance of Al Capone, and I set it down to cool off (??). Kris walked through the door and looked back at me with an excited look on his face, and I began wondering if perhaps Al Capone was alive again. I began thinking that he would come through the door and enjoy his white russian.

Then I woke up!



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