Dead Body

The dream started and I was with a few friends in a cemetery in the middle of the night, drunk, as my friends are won’t to do now and then. The strange thing about this particular cemetery was that some of the bodies weren’t buried, but just laid on the ground, rotting. I thought it would be pretty funny to put the dead body of a young woman on the floor of the backseat of my car. It actually was kind of funny, because she was all floppy!

The next day, I was hanging out with my friend in this strange area that looked sort of like an empty mall fountain basin, in the middle of a desert, but it was also inside a building. There were kittens all over the ground, but in this dream they were fish. The kittens were drying out because they needed water to live, and my friend was demonstrating how you could pull a lever to fill the basin with water. Water began slowly filling up the basin, and the kittens began swimming and they transformed into fish. I was relieved.

Then, suddenly, I remembered about the dead body in my trunk! I was pretty worried. I knew that if the police saw it or if the cemetery noticed a body was missing that I could be in trouble. I tried to think of a plan to put it back, but for some reason it seemed impossible. I opened my car door and saw that a kitten had found its way into my car! The car was sweltering, so the poor little guy was drying out and dying. I picked up the little orange kitten and began running back to the fountain. The kitten looked like he was dying, but when I submerged him he was alive again. I was relieved.

I woke up a couple times, worried about the body in my car. I sincerely wondered if I really put a body in my car, and thought about how nasty it must look by now. I really absolutely thought there was a body in my car.

Then, I saw the reflection of wolves in the glass, and I told my friend that we had to run through the door and close it so we could be safe, but he wasn’t worried about them. The wolves ended up leaving us alone. He was also not worried about the dead body. He told me that we would simply replace it that night, and if we got caught we would just be honest about what happened. I felt relieved but still somewhat worried. The dream ended as I drove into the cemetery and opened the backseat door.



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