I remember being in a warehouse district and walking through an alley. I found this abandoned workshop that had GIANT crane parts. There was a lobster clasp thing that was huge, I was about 1/50 compared to its size. My father suddenly walked in and said “Yea we use these babies at work” he then stroked it. All of a sudden this thing started to disintegrate. The metal was turning soft and it started spewing oil everywhere. In a matter of seconds I was stepping in this sticky ooze. It kept getting worse and the oil was reaching to my knees. I was amazed/ freaked out and finally decided to run out of the warehouse. My dream then jumped to me being in Cuba. I was buying some face cream and cigarettes. The cashier girl asked me “where are you from?”, “Houston” I replied. Her facial expression went from friendly to hateful. She threw the cigarettes at my face and said “GO BACK TO YOUR FREE COUNTRY! WE DON’T NEED YOU HERE” So.. as I walked off I lit a cigarette and took a puff, it tasted like delicious carrot cake.



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