Weird Famous People

The dream started out and I was hanging out with Joey Comeau, writer of and all around cool dude. He revealed that he was a vampire, but that his time on earth needed to be done. I thought this was strange, but it was his choice so he followed me into an old school building until the sun rose and he turned into ashes and dust. It was kind of sad but also pretty cool.

Later, a little girl approached me in my home. She told me she was Joey Comeau, and that being dead hurt, so he possessed this random human body to be alive again. We travelled together to New York City.

We went inside the apartment of @bridger_w, of Twitter fame. It was very late at night, and he was sitting with someone who was his boyfriend, although I think in real life he is not gay. WHO KNOWS. Anyway, they were very hospitable to us and very friendly even though we were imposing. I remember their apartment had one of those neon signs with a flamingo and a beer brand on it. We walked together to get pizza in the middle of the night.

I realized that all three of the people I was with were nice to me but they seemed to be just tolerating me. I felt like I was intruding on their fun so I decided to leave. I think before I left we were coloring in a coloring book, though.


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