Falling From a Fire Escape

Ok, well it was a rainy day and my manager asked me to pick up his children from school. I was supposed to pick them up in a parking garage on the 3rd level. For some reason, I mixed up parking garages and ended up in a semi abandoned one. I thought, “what’s up here? Are kids even in school today?” So, I got out of my car and was going to walk toward an adjacent building to ask whether school was in session or if this was even the right place.

As I was walking in the parking garage, a gang of chums were running and I didn’t look where I was going and bumped into one of them. He said “BITCH WHY ARE YOU IN OUR WAY!? I’M GOING TO CUT YOU OPEN!” —SLICE. I felt a punch in my stomach, then everything slowed down and I saw a bloody knife, he then said “YEA BITCH” and ran off. I fell to the ground and felt an immense pain then felt faint, and light as a feather. I thought “Whoa, it’s really fucking cool to get stabbed.”

As I laid on the ground, staring at the concrete above, I heard someone running towards me. It was my coworker Destiny. She carried me to her apartment and healed me. I had no bandages, I did have a gnarly scar. Then I finally showed up at the school to pick up my manager’s kids. I still couldn’t find them, but I did find some friends. The building was on fire, and somehow I was on a a floor high up with them. We were going to use this flimsy fire escape. Everyone was panicking but I said “NO WORRIES GUYS, WE WILL BE FINE, LOOK AT JUST GOT STABBED, AND I AM OK!” I lifted my shirt and flashed my awesome scar.

I then tried to be heroic and while one of the girls that was with us was trying to jump from one end of the ladder to the lower ladder, I tried moving them closer, but she lost her balance. She was dangling between fire escapes about 12 stories up. We all tried helping her. I never saw so much fear in anyone’s eyes. We saved her and she was back on the ladder. She was so tired and scared she just became a wobbly mess again and fell down the 12 stories. I woke up and felt so pumped, what a cool dream.



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