Planetary Alignment

I had a dream last night that a rogue planet was discovered. The planet was scheduled to collide with earth within a week. It was an exciting dream full of anticipation.

I don’t remember much about it in detail. I recall standing outside someone’s lawn, the sky was deep red and everything had an orange glow. There was a pulsing warmth radiating from above me, some kind of warm wind moving laterally. It came in waves and got hotter each time. I remember the gravitational pull of the other planet was changing my heartbeat and I felt my blood and brain lift in strange ways. Other people scrambled around me and panicked and I just watched them. I didn’t think it would be scary but I was shaking.

Whenever the heat wave would die down I could convince myself for just a few seconds that it wasn’t happening. The heat would always come back, slightly stronger. The trees and grass wilted and soon the short hairs on my ears and arms became singed. My skin turned red and every time the heat pulled back for those few seconds I would be convinced it was over.

But as I saw the panicked people running and the steam rising out of the ground stinging my eyes I accepted it. I took it like a man. I wasn’t panicking and I was calm right until the fiery end.



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