Running from something

I love dreams where you have to pack your bags and run because something terrible is coming to kill us. My family and I had to pack our bags and flee to a mall that had an underground section that would shield us from the radiation being emitted by giant solar flares. We had no power and no electronics because the solar flares blew everything out. The sun was growing at a very fast rate and scientists were wondering if it was just aging and having a growth spurt or if it was getting ready to blow up and kill us all.

It was night time, the only safe time to come out. I was wandering around the mall with my lantern and was surprised it was so awfully quiet. I then stumbled upon a hospital wing. I walked inside but it was all dark and quiet, then I hear someone say “Lety” I was scared but then his face was lit by the lantern. It was Robert. I was extremely surprised at seeing him, but really sad because he didn’t seem ok. The skin on his arms were all gooey and scaly at the same time. I started to cry because I was so sad I was going to lose a friend, but also because I was probably heading toward the same fate. I them gave him a hug but then his arm started melting on me, and it partially fell off. I screamed, he wasn’t bleeding and he wasn’t dead. But he said, to BE CAREFUL, then drifted off to sleep.

I then remember me and a group of others also walking around the mall trying to find food, we were all starving. We couldn’t find anything. Then my dream jumped into me being at a J Crew. There was no power but people still wanted to buy clothes, and they made me check them out. I struggled to see anything around and I was going “I CANT HELP YOU IM SORRY, I AM SO SORRY.”

the end.



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