Careers and BLOOD!

Last night I had a dream I was applying for a job as a substitute teacher. The school was on a road that sort of loops through a forest and I needed to get a medical checkup and a couple shots in order to teach at the elementary school.

I talked to my mom about something and then I drove to the doctor’s. He told me to return again the next day in order to complete the process. I went to sleep. When I got in my car the next day it was all beat up. Dents everywhere, broken glass, etc. The inside had blood all over it, splattered everywhere.

This is when I learned that cars are actually owned by multiple people at once. We aren’t aware, but other people own our cars, too, without knowing they share them. I accepted this idea without hesitation (as is common in dreams), and drove to my doctor’s office. He told me that the person who drives my car when I’m asleep hit a deer and died. The antlers stabbed through him/her and that’s why the inside of the car is stained with blood. He wouldn’t tell me the name of the person who died.

I got the job as a teacher, and when I was heading out to my car one day I passed through the playground. Next to my car was a severed deer head. Someone had placed it there right-side-up upon a small pile of rock salt. The antlers were covered in blood. It was a foreboding threat.

Then I woke up.



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