Mud People From Space

I had a dream that the earth was invaded by mud people. I was driving along and I saw a man appear from a mud puddle. He appeared to be made of mud, and he instantly attacked those around him. I went home to a castle, and saw on TV that the earth was slowly being killed off by the mud people.

The fox king rounded up his soldiers for a last defense. His pyramid opened up and 15 elite fox fighters emerged. They each knew all types of kung-fu and were deadly. Our castle was the only place left on earth where life existed outside the mud people. The battle raged on and we ultimately lost. The mud people could never be defeated by any means. They travelled planet to planet and overtook them for their sinister gains.

The mud people kept our castle as his prize, and lived inside it. He let me and the fox king live because we eluded his army. We were forced to live with him and his evil ways.

I should point out that in this dream I had a dark blue/nearly black sin. I looked kind of like Nightcrawler from X-men, I guess, but without fur. I could turn invisible and climb on the walls. I was an expert at releasing the prisoners from their cages without getting caught.

This dream felt a lot more perilous and sad than it sounds now. That seems to happen to me a lot! The mud people were truly terrifying.



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