About to be killed….

William left me a package, containing a small safe box and an envelope filled with money. He told me to “guard it with my life” which was the worst thing he could have said. Many years passed and I had forgotten I  possessed this secret package. One day a visitor came to my house. He was a nice fellow for about 5 minutes, telling me he knew William and how much of a great friend he was and he wanted me to do him a favor. So, I agreed. He takes out a huge gun, from a case he carried. I think it was an AK-47. He points it at me and goes “I am not playing any games, I know you are hiding something from me, William gave it to you. If you don’t hand it over I will blow your brains out this instant, and I’ll kill your mother, father, and sister.” I freaked out, and stepped back, and said “OK”.

So, I lift the wooden planks on the floor and take out a box. I give it to him, and he said “THIS IS NOT ALL” I replied “you are correct, let me go get the other part” I go and get the envelope. He then pulled the trigger, and I died.



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