Guns and Michael Jackson

The dream started out innocently enough; my friends and I went to the local vegan eatery on a hot summer day. None of us are vegan but the place is known for their delicious shakes and it was so hot that’s all we wanted. When we got there, the people working told us that since it was so hot they were only serving breakfast (?).

Unfortunately the only shake available was a peanut butter one and I decided that was too thick for a hot day. My friends somehow were able to get a green tea shake and a orange juice shake. I was left with nothing.

Then, suddenly, someone burst into the door with a machine gun. He began asking for the money in the register and took us all hostage. I whipped out my gun and aimed it at him but he was somehow able to swipe it out of my hand before I could shoot. I sat with everyone else.

The robber spent a lot of time convincing us our lives were worthless and perhaps some stockholme syndrome occurred. My friends and the workers in the shop were under his spell. He believed I was too, and handed me his machine gun. He told me to kill my friend. He wanted to see it happen just for kicks.

I was not convinced by his rhetoric, however, and so I aimed the gun at his gut and fired. Killing someone is a bad feeling! I felt awful but everyone told me I was a hero. I was upset and asked if we could leave. We left the building and walked the streets. We were in a big city.

Suddenly, Michael Jackson appeared. He was being chased by zombies that looked exactly like the zombies in Thriller. But these zombies were not dancing and they were not singing. Michael Jackson followed me and my friends into my parent’s sky high apartment. There, we looked down upon the city.

MJ said the zombies spilled out of his music video, but that they were much more sinister. We watched the streets run red with the blood of innocent people. Policemen and firemen fought the zombies in the streets. There were fires and chaos erupting.

I remember asking MJ what it was like being famous and he said it was very difficult and not pleasurable. But he said he liked making music but wished he didn’t have to be the king of pop. I told him he should record and distribute his music from home and post it online. He said he would try that. I basically turned Michael Jackson into an indie star.

Then I woke up!



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