Underground Cult

I had a dream that I joined an underground artists’ commune. We lived and worked in these wooden tunnels that joined into rooms. We drank alcohol and ate delicious foods all the time. It was actually a very nice place to be.

The entire complex was made of old wood and was very dusty. The lighting was awesome: red and blue lights, with hints of pink and green, all over. There was fog at times and a hazy atmosphere.

There was this very strange device in the center that allowed you to paint with edible paints. It was a wooden half-wall that scrolled itself across and back again. You would paint the shape you wanted and when it scrolled back it was in 3D, and the flavor was according to the color.

One night it was malfunctioning, and a couple of the guys were playing a concert in the next room. The noise and the vibrations caused some kind of tunnel collapse and we had to escape.

I couldn’t find my notebook though! I knew one of the people in the band was looking through my notebooks full of cartoons but it was missing. Various parts of the tunnel collapsed and almost everyone was gone. I was still looking for my notebook. Eventually a rescue team arrived and dug a way out for me and the girl who was left looking. We stood on top of our complex and frowned. The notebook was gone, and our times as vagrant artists were over. Outside was so bright and white and warm and we hated it!



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