Traveling Bugs

I’m glad I did not dream about Trauma:Life in the ER  last night, because an episode of that show shocked me. I saw a 14 year old involved in an automobile accident. He was bleeding buckets, the blood was like a waterfall landing on the floor. They tried to resuscitate him, but the attempts were futile.

My dream was about these tick like insects that would cling to you, and travel with you. You only needed two or a pregnant one and wherever you’d throw your jacket or pants, they would crawl off and start mating. Then in less that 48 hours your house would be infested with these creatures. The insects once settled would grow bigger. They would grow to a size of a tree roach.

I brought them home unsuspectingly. A couple of days later,  I opened up my cupboard to see my cups filled with tiny little things crawling on a web. Each cup held a mini insect terrarium inside. I screamed. I opened up my pantry and the larger tree roach size ones were eating all of my food.

A friend of mine in the dream, (whom I have no idea who he is in real life) he was blond, but it wasn’t Jacob, told me I could hang out with him meanwhile the exterminators killed the bugs in my house. I was afraid to hang out with him because wherever i’d go these little bugs would take over, they were hiding in my clothes. No matter how much I shook my jacket or pants or wash them, the little bastards still survived. He told me to not worry. We walked around and we just crashed in really nice model homes. Some were reproductions of old victorians, some were really  posh and modern. Every night we’d hop around to a different house.

The End.



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