Funeral, College, Chinese People?

I had a dream I decided to go back to college in order to postpone my student loans. I decided on a college in Virginia and lived with a family of Chinese people, for some reason. They were all really friendly.

I rode around town on my Vespa scooter and went to the grocery store. I got my favorite tea and some chips. I was with the two brothers of the Chinese family, and they brought pills. We each took a random pill and wandered around the store. It was fun being high in my dream.

Then, my friend Kris told me that our old elementary school enemy, Billy, had died. The funeral was being held in Manhattan and we had to go, because we hated him so much. The dream ended with us trying to find a ride to Manhattan, because I obviously couldn’t drive my scooter the whole way.

Also, I remember I had this really cool shirt in my dresser, it was black with green splatters all over it and said “VIRGINIA COMIC CON 2012” in slime letters. I wanted to wear it but it was a free shirt for anyone who went to the school so I decided I would wait and wear it around people who had never seen it before.



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