Weird Story Dream

My dream last night did not involve me. It starred a young high school couple in love. It was the guy’s birthday and they were waiting for his aunt to pick them up before school to get breakfast.

When his aunt never arrived, they decided to steal his parent’s helicopter and fly to Starbucks. When they were flying it, he lost control and crash landed in some strange chemical plant.

Cut to 5 years later.

Everyone in the chemical plant was transformed into acrobatic people with blue skin. I guess they resembled the N’avi from Avatar but they were not tribal and didn’t have the facial features. They were just regular people who had blue skin who gained extra acrobatic prowess.

They inhabited the ruins of the old chemical plant, and lived in the flooded zones under water. They became like a new species and ate raw fishes with their razor sharp teeth.

There was a guy in town looking to turn the ruins into a shopping mall. He began clearing out the space and killing all of the blue people he could find. The girl could not escape his wrath and she was killed but the boy was able to stick to the shadows of the murky waters and he was the last remaining survivor of the blue people.



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