Road Trip

I had a dream that it was midsummer. I had learned that somewhere in central new york was the last restaurant in the world that served human flesh (probably true). All  I had was a map of the area and the name of the restaurant: Cornet’s.

I walked into a gas station and bought a couple granola bars and asked the man at the counter if he had heard of Cornet’s. He said yeah, but he had never been there and wasn’t sure where it was. I said thanks and left.

I drove further and came upon a small area full of shops. I stopped in a tiny diner and asked the host if he had heard of Cornet’s. He was an old man. He called his son and daughter over, both around my age, and asked them if they could bring me to Cornet’s. They marked it on my map and said yes.

It took about an hour’s drive to get there, but we did it. The three of us got out of the car and looked at the building. It was clearly someone’s house. It was kind of rough looking, with dirt all over it and some of the windows in disrepair. There were letters written in red paint on the side of the house. “Cornet’s”.

We knocked on the door, and an old couple answered. They asked us what we wanted to drink and sat us at the kitchen table. We were starting to feel nervous.

I asked the man how he got in the business. He said that he simply had a lot of flesh left over from his job so he started serving it. I asked him what his job was and he said he had retired from it a year ago.

So I asked him where he got the meat. He said that he kidnapped young girls who wandered too close to his house. We all felt a little nervous but placed our order. I got a femur steak and a lemonade.

As he was cooking I noticed that the girl who was with us was gone. The old woman had taken her into the basement.

Then I woke up. Didn’t get to see how it ended!



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