Bus and Wolves

I had a dream that I was living in a house full of kids I went to college with. There was my college roommate, a few friends, and some new faces. We watched a lot of a certain movie, it was about serial killers.

My friend Lauren from college lived there and she was going through old photos from a punk rock show that occurred in a basement during college (this was a fictional event). She made a pillow out of the canvas floor we splattered fake blood on and I told her that was gross because people walked on that all night, and probably spit on it and sweated on it. She was ok with it though.

Then we went outside in the middle of the night in order to wait for the bus. We were going to go to Wal Mart for something. Most of the other roommates decided to join us. As we were waiting we thought we heard sticks breaking on the ground around us. Our flashlights went out and flickered back on. I aimed one by the road and said “Oh they’re just deers!”

But upon closer inspection they were not deers! They wee really big wolves. They looked almost like lions and were looking at us very viciously. Out of nowhere my instinct is to start clapping. Someone in our group starts making a loud “whooping” noise to scare them off. Soon all nine of us are clapping and whooping at this pack of wolves and they start to look really scared. They run off and we started clapping again because of how happy we were. We didn’t die! This was one of those dreams that was very scary and atmospheric even though nothing all that scary actually happened. I woke up right now at 6:30am and began writing this. Back to bed now.



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