This dream was all over the place, but the imagery was amazing. I remember being in the middle of a valley, which is an old place to hold a coral reef festival. I remember looking down the road and seeing cars with coral reefs glued all over. They looked like they were dipped in a vat of rock candy.

I was making my way to the huge circus tents they in which they held the exposition. They had a vast amount of fish tanks filled with amazing different types of fish. All I could think of though was how I could get my car too look like an underwater ecosystem. I asked around and finally got to the “coral shop”. I asked about my car and the clerk said, “I’ll sell you this glue, you can glue as many reefs to your car as you want, the glue stops working once you get your car wet. It will look like nothing was ever stuck to it.” The glue was about, $10. The actual reefs were in a farm farther away from the festival. I took a small winding dirt road up a hill until I saw this huge farm of coral reefs. I picked out some and started gluing them to my car.

Afterwards, I just remember running, a huge 18 wheeler was following me.

My dream jumped again. This time my parents found a newborn named Max. He was tiny, and the cutest little thing. He had a little blue hat on, and footy pajamas.

That’s all I remember!



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