White Trash Rampage

My dream opened with me huddled in a messy child’s room with my sister and my dad. I believe my dad was wounded and my sister was tending to his wounds. A crazed redneck family lived in the trashy trailer we were in. We could hear them yelling and hollering as they smoked methamphetamine. They had a shotgun mounted to the wall at such an angle that if we tried to leave the room it would fire at us.

I had a shotgun in my hands myself, and I tried to “fake out” the child who operated the mounted shotgun by ducking my head out and in quickly. He fired and missed twice, and had to reload the barrels. I knew this was my chance to run out and attack.

Suddenly, the redneck’s daughter ran into the room and tried to tackle me. She was probably 14, but overweight and high on drugs. I soon pinned her down and tried to hold her hostage. I gave the gun to my sister and we forced the girl to stay in the corner. Somehow, she escaped into the hallway, and I followed close behind her so that I wouldn’t be shot.

We found ourselves in the living room, which was strewn with papers and empty beer cans and old popcorn. There was an arcade machine in the corner. I had left the gun with my sister and pulled out my switchblade, which I attempted to cut out the girl’s kidney with. I jabbed it in deep and blood spurted out. Then it was time to wake up.



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