Fish Escape

Last night I had a dream that I entered a back room at a party and I was in a bedroom. Sitting on the bed was Judge Holden (the homicidal-pedophile-maniac from Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian). He held out in his hand a map, and in the other a drum that was beating by itself. He told me to pick one.

I looked at them and I said “The map represents being lost.” He nodded his head and I said “The drum represents war and blood.” He nodded his head again. I chose the drum, deciding that a life of war was better than a life of being lost.

The next part of my dream got weird. I was a small white fish in a tank and Judge Holden was a giant, trying to grab me in his hand. I swam around and around a ceramic castle and the weeds in the tank, narrowly escaping his hand.



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